Exploring Creatives is an interview series with artists and outdoor explorers — creative individuals who are fueled and inspired by life outside.


Throughout the past few years, I’ve been tuned in to the creative community as well as the outdoor community. There are a lot of people talking about outdoor adventure and exploration, and there are many talking about creative projects and work. And while the two overlap in certain conversations and situations, there doesn’t seem to be a space that explicitly explores both and the influence each has on the other.

Through Exploring Creatives — conversations with individuals who dance in both creativity and outdoor exploration — I’m diving into that gap. Exploring Creatives explores the influence of time outside on creativity and creativity on time outside. The two definitely can and do live separately for many, but for a good chunk of us, there’s also a space where the two come together, where the two inspire one another.

Exploring Creatives was something I started to noodle on in summer 2016 as I was thinking about people, places and the influence of places on people. Once I was down in Argentina and listening to podcasts a bit more routinely, I started to seriously consider this series of interviews as I continued to notice a gap in the conversations people were having.

To be honest, at this time, I’m not sure what Exploring Creatives is or what it will be. It’s a bit of a selfish passion project as these are quite simply conversations I want to have and people I want to have them with. It’s a concept I want to explore. I hope these conversations will be as thought-provoking and inspiring to those who read them as they are for me.

If you have an idea for an interviewee or Exploring Creatives in general, drop me a line.

Yours in exploration & creativity,